About Me

Communication, empathy and leadership.

These are the three words that I would choose to define my professional approach. The power of communication and language has fascinated me since an early age and I have always sought to interpret it in its best form. I am passionate about teaching and throughout my career, I have always directed my efforts towards the teaching profession in some way, shape or form.

In my opinion, one of the most satisfying aspects of this profession is the continuous exposure to new challenges. I strongly believe in the strength of the multidirectional relationship which is created between teacher and student. The ultimate goal of this unique relationship is achieving LEARNING by TEACHING: namely when teaching becomes also for me – the teacher – a source of new experiences and new consciousness. In the world of language teaching, it is essential to possess this open mentality and the constant desire to learn.

My mission is to convey the importance of empathy and being open to others who are passionate about languages. Nobody ever made any progress by sticking to the same tried and tested way of doing things, nor by closing themselves off for fear of confrontation.

In fact, interaction and communication form the foundation for personal growth when there is a focus on empathy and openness. This approach guarantees professionality, respect and satisfaction.

I am very proud of the fact that HR Managers think of me when they need support or advice in the field of language training. It is extremely rewarding to be considered a reference point for companies when considering training for their employees.

My professional successes

My most valuable achievement is the one I am still involved in on a daily basis. Following 20 years working first as a business English teacher, then as the school’s director of studies; for the past three years I have been working as the General Manager of ILS – International Language School in Milan.

With the support of a team of professional mother-tongue experts, I have succeeded in making ILS an important reference point for language training and services offering both traditional in-person courses as well as developing a significant online presence through the use of innovative Web Learning platforms.

Thanks to ILS, I have managed to realise my dream of LEARNING by TEACHING, or rather the opportunity to absorb all the positive stimuli from the people I have taught, I teach and I will go on to teach in the future.



University of Florida

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology specialising in Spanish Language and Latin American literature


New World Teachers, San Francisco

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)


Bocconi University

Post Graduate Diploma in Online Education and Training (OET)


Institute of Education, Londra

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at University of London



Bar Association of San Francisco, California

Bilingual Legal Interviewer (English – Spanish)


Torre de Babel Idiomas Language School, San Paolo, Brasile

English teacher at Multinational companies including NEC Brasil and Price Waterhouse


International Language School, Milan, Italy

Business English teacher for high profile Italian companies including Corriere della Sera and Esso.


International Language School, Milan, Italy

General Manager: My responsibilities include organising courses, training staff and business reporting activities