Learning English, are private lessons better than group lessons?

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Learning English, are private lessons better than group lessons?

When it comes to learning English, everyone has their preferences. Some people prefer the close attention of individual lessons whilst others prefer the vitality of a group class.

There isn’t a generic – one size fits all – answer to “What is the best way to learn a language?” However, what I can definitely confirm is before choosing between private lessons or group lessons, it is fundamental to establish the individual student’s preferences and needs. And this, as I have always maintained, is only possible by developing an elevated capacity for empathy.

But in this post, I want to focus on the Pros and Cons of doing individual English lessons vs group lessons.

Learning English: Private English lessons, Pros and Cons

Here is a list of some of the main advantages of private English lessons: 

  • Personalisation. Choosing this approach will give you the freedom to make choices based on your capabilities and English level so you can focus on the subjects which you consider more important or any aspects of the language which you find difficult and therefore you avoid wasting time on topics which either aren’t useful or don’t require further study;
  • Flexibility. Doing a private English course means you can organise the day and time of your lessons in a much more flexible way with your teacher without having to comply with the needs of a large number of people;

On the other hand, here are some of the most significant disadvantages of private English lessons: 

  • Higher cost. As this type of course is tailor made to the needs of the student and dedicated to one person, they cost more compared to a group course.
  • Less dynamic. Private lessons mean a one-to-one relationship with the teacher, and so there is obviously no opportunity for interaction with other students and therefore no chance to engage in group activities (like role plays for example), which are well known for being a very effective tool to stimulate students in the language learning process.

English group lessons, pros and cons

Now let’s look at English group lessons. Some of the main advantages are: 

  • Contained cost. Any group course will cost less compared to private lessons because the price of a one-hour lesson is divided between all the participants.
  • The possibility to meet new people. Studying with other people will give you the opportunity to connect with others and all the benefits that that brings like having someone to compare notes with during the course and finding people with similar interests.
  • More dynamic. Unlike individual courses, in group courses students can participate in all those group activities which help you to study English in a more dynamic and interactive way.

Finally, some of the disadvantages are:

  • Less personalised. Despite how hard any respectable language school may try to create groups of students of a similar level or with similar language learning needs, it is definitely more difficult to create a group and course which is capable of satisfying everyone’s specific needs.
  • Less flexible. It is well known that being a participant in a group course, you can’t prioritise your own needs as much because the same would have to apply to all the members of the group and as a consequence, it is almost impossible to find the perfect day and time to suit everyone.

If you are thinking about learning English but you still don’t know which is the best language learning method for you, please get in touch! Together we will find the perfect solution to suit your needs and you can finally dedicate yourself to studying this fascinating language.